The five best ski tours around Valldal during spring

After a long and snowy winter, we can enjoy bright days skiing here in Sunnmøre. Valldal is a wonderful starting point for great spring ski tours in untouched nature. Here are our top five favorites.

The mountains in and around Valldal lie hidden between the Sunnmore alps and Romsdalen and are virtually untouched, with peaks well over 1,700 meters above sea level. Here you will find everything from alpine peaks with steep skiing, to gentler and easier mountains. Regardless of your choice, you get a magical fjord view and unique nature experiences. Enjoy fine turns in slushy snow, feel the sun’s rays hitting you – and if you’re lucky, you’ll also find dry and nice powder on the north faces.

Hegguraksla / Blåfjellet 1602 masl

A popular summit tour in the vicinity of Valldal starting from Hauge, placed 400 meters above the UNESCO fjord Tafjorden. You probably must carry your skis at the start towards Nysetra, but the fjord view is magnificent and one of a kind. The trip is perfect for the afternoon, and let you enjoy the descend at sunset.

Grøtet 1519 masl

Grotet is worth every drop of sweat to the top. The trip is relatively long for a beginner and is recommended in late winter and spring. The peak lies majestically above Storfjorden and Synnylvsfjorden with a 360-degree view of fjords and mountains. The descend is in open terrain with a panoramic view. You can descend both the north and south face or choose to do the trip as a round trip starting from Rønneberg and descending to Kilsti.

Berdalsnibba 1344 masl

Start from Lingås and hike the mountain road towards Klovsetsætra. From mid-May you can drive up this toll road. With a wonderful view of the fjord, continue the trip up the birch forest and to Klovsetsetra 540 meters above sea level, a beautiful summer farm worth visiting just to enjoy the view. The trip continues upwards along the ridge to Berdalsnibba. Descending the same area, with the same fine amazing view.

Høgstolen 1739 masl

A challenging ski trip available in spring where you go from a green landscape up to a mountain landscape with lots of snow and usually good skiing. It is a challenging trip where you also walk on glaciers along the way. Here, choosing the right way, the right equipment and assessing the risk of avalanches is very important. The trip can also be done as a long transition trip from Omenaas to Nestestolen. Whatever you choose, this is one of the best tours in the area!

Ringshornet 1532 masl

With a start just before the top of Trollstigen, this is a perfect alternative in the last part of the spring. You can drive up here when the road over Trollstigen opens for the summer season. Before it opens, you can get to the starting point with an electric bike that you can hire from Uteguiden. Spectacular views and airy at the top! You have several nice options both on the way up and down.

Uncertain about the choice of tour? Hire an experienced guide for the ski trip!

Our guides are local experts and have solid knowledge of safe travel in the winter mountains. They do everything to give you the best experience in the mountains. We offer both short- and longer-day trips, and together with our skilled guides, we are happy to tailor a trip or a weekend in Valldal according to your wishes.

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