Summer holiday in Norway – At a top modern Glamping Camp with Luxury Spa & Sauna

Is the dream a very special holiday home for the Summer? Staying in a Glamping Camp in Norway is probably one of the most unforgettable holidays you can give yourself. Glamping breaks all everyday habits so that you get the holiday you need.

Meretes Garden is a holiday place and a Glamping Camp in Norway with high comfort and well-being in focus. Throughout the Summer, we offer nourishing experiences for body and soul. In addition to the spa and Finnish sauna, you can book yoga classes, massages and walks with mindfulness.

A Summer holiday in a Glamping Camp is the luxury version of a tent holiday. You live and spend the night in large cotton tents furnished with small tables, lights, beautiful wooden floors and carpets. Soft beds and warm duvets ensure a good night’s sleep, whatever the weather and temperature.

In the Glamping Camp, you can freely use our modern and cozy shared kitchen. You can cook hot food and eat inside the kitchen or at the table outside in the garden. In the evening, you can light a barbecue and bonfire, enjoy the twilight and a glass of wine under the open sky. Or you can dive into the sauna, which is ready to turn any spa hotel upside down. We heat up the sauna in the real Finnish way. That means with birch wood. You can enjoy the purifying heat with a full view of the high mountains on the other side of the river that runs past the camp.

What’s a better start to the day than morning yoga?

Glamping has several advantages over traditional accommodation

Glamping is for those who want to try something new and enjoy all the advantages that naturally come with being close to nature. As you can read, the large modern glamping tents offer such a high level of comfort that they are a great alternative to traditional holiday homes during the Summer holidays. There is nothing like staying and moving under the open sky that can make the shoulders sink completely down. As a guest, you maybe belong to the group of nature-loving people, but you can also come here to try the outdoors for the first time – in a safe environment.

We are happy to share some tips for you who are glamping for the first time

  • Bring some warm nightwear such as woolen underwear
  • In early spring and late autumn, it may also be a good idea to bring a hat.
  • In Norway, there are long bright nights and small birds that chirp in the morning. In addition, a    magnificent river flows past the camp. It is precisely these natural elements that make many campers come here and also sleep extra well! But if you are sensitive to light or sound, an eye mask and earplugs can be included.

A popular holiday town and getaway. Ideal for couples, families and groups

The camp has good offers on meditation, yoga and spa, and has made Meretes Garden a popular place, especially for those seeking wellbeing. The facilities are of high aesthetic quality, seasoned with a relaxing holiday atmosphere. In addition, Valldal is the perfect setting when the holiday is to be a real getaway. We are often visited by smaller groups passing through who would like to stay overnight. Someone is here for a weekend. Others book longer stays. They will certainly come to meet guests from all over the world here.

Merete has created an oasis of well-being – in the greenhouse from an old nursery for plants

Do you know the atmosphere in an older greenhouse? Have you noticed the light through the glass that pours generously into the room? And notice the rustic feel of the old days? As a holiday guest in Meretes Garden, you get full access to the old greenhouse, which has now been transformed into a Japanese garden. Moss, fish in the pond, running water that trickles and splashes – a place where you can sit and meditate, or just be there. This is also where Merete teaches yoga in the summer. With a view to the sky, look through the glass roof when you lie on the yoga mat.

Here they can read much more about: Meretes Garden

Tips for an active holiday – for adventurous holidaymakers

Activities and attractions – Valldal has several offers that are worth trying while you are here: 
  • Paddleboarding, kayaking, rafting in sea and river: Uteguiden Valldal
  • Bowling and pizza. There is also a kind of exercise: Kulå Bowling
  • Use your body and balance in the Valldal climbing park: Valldal Aktivitetspark
  • Be impressed by one of Europe’s famous waterfalls: Gudbrandsjuvet
The center of Valldal is approximately 4 km from the camp and the trip there is an obvious opportunity for a fresh walk. The river is in a hurry to reach the fjord, and offers beautiful scenery all the way.

Culinary experiences for the stomach and senses in the center of Valldal

  • Unique food and barista coffee by the quay – with a view of the fjord: Khaya Barista Bar
  • Home-made ice cream and hand-picked strawberries for the sweet days: Gutta Krutt ice cream bar.

Contact us, we will be happy to help you plan your summer holiday in Norway!