We proudly present our partners.

Valldal Aktivitetspark


We would gladly recommend Valldal Aktivitetspark if you want an extra activity. They have are an exiting climbing park with coursers at different levels and also offer different team-building activities.

They are located 7,5 km from the Valldal village towards Trollstigen.

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Meretes Garden


A place to calm down with yoga, sauna and spa. Events with health and wellness in focus. Offers comfortable accommodation in tents during the summer season.

Wood-fired sauna, spa and tapas are an excellent finish of the day after a rafting or skiing trip. Located at an old farmyard about 4km from Valldal city center.

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If you want the perfect activity after a rafting trip or any of our other activities, we would gladly recommend Trollbryggeriet. A local brewery offering beer tasting together with a taste of local produced food. Experience real craftsman beer based on local brewing history.

Trollbryggeriet are located in Liabygda, 12 km. from Valldal village, towards Trollstigen.



Kula is a diner in the center of Valldal offering pizza and à la carte menu. They offer activities like bowlilng, billiards, air hockey and board games.

Organizer of private parties, dance events on weekends and various children’s and youth activities.

Ville Krefter


Adventure center about power productions and landslides, with exciting activities. Indoor climbing wall, abseiling from the Zakarias dam and escape room.

You’ll find it in Tafjord about 1 km from the fjord. Total 14 km from the center of Valldal.

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