Meretes Garden

With us you live comfortably in a tent with a good bed and duvet, popularly known as glamping. Surrounded by beautiful nature next to the river Valldøla, you fall asleep to the sound of the river’s roar. Feel free to make use of our wood-burning sauna stove while you enjoy and relax to the view of the mountains. In a greenhouse with a view of a Japanese garden, you can take part in morning yoga before a light breakfast awaits you. The whole concept is based on letting nature with its healing power surround you with chirping birds, running water, clean fresh air, trees, and flowers so that after your stay you will feel more alive and refreshed, ready for new adventures.

You can find more about booking, prices and opening hours on Meretes Garden’s own website.

Day Spa

You can book yoga, sauna, massage, and refreshments without accommodation. We are happy to make tailormade arrangements for small and large groups. Open all year round.


We have large cotton tents furnished like first-class hotel rooms with comfortable beds and down duvets, popularly known as glamping. You live simply, stylishly and sleep close to the beautiful nature. There are a total of 5 tents with excellent ventilation, temperature regulation and they are waterproof. You can stay in our tents from the middle of May until the end of September.
You can find more about booking, prices and opening hours on the hotel’s own website.

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