Magical ski tours in Valldal

Don’t tell anyone, but in Valldal there are lots of long, exclusive mountain faces with untracked snow every winter.

Ski touring have become an activity for many of us, and in many places around the country you must get up quite early to ski the first track down again. But here in Valldal, there are still many good opportunities to get both first to the top and first down again – and at the same time have a nice and calm morning.
The mountains in and around Valldal lie hidden between the Sunnmore alps and Romsdalen with their untouched peaks over 1,700 meters high. There are tours here for everyone, whether you want to go alpine and long – or easier and less steep terrain.

Untracked snow in Valldal

This hidden ski area has spectacular fjords and mountains with guaranteed snow, and you meet few other groups on your way. All the peaks offer a magical view, and wonderful descents, usually in completely untracked snow.

Remember to take all precautions when you are out in the mountains. Consider avalanche danger, the weather forecast and your own condition. If you are unsure of where to go or how best to assess before setting off, feel free to use a local tour guide. That way, you are guaranteed a safe and good experience in the mountains.

Local ski guides

All our guides are local experts, have solid knowledge of safe travel in the winter mountains and do everything to give you the best experience in the mountains. You can take part in both short and longer day trips, and you can also get tailor-made weekend trips for you and your group.

Get in touch with Uteguiden for a chat and  to hire a guide.

Tour tips

Here is a list of the most popular summit tours in the area around Valldal. Prepare well before you set out on any of these tours, both in terms of road selection , avalanches and weather conditions.

  • Berdalsnibba 1343 masl starting from Lingaasen
  • Mefjellet 1100 masl or Blaajellet 1605 masl starting from Hauge in Fjoraa
  • Gjerdsegga 1140 masl starting from the stadium at Omenaas
  • Geitfjellet 1132 masl, Svartfjellet 1317 masl or Peak 1249 masl in Ystebotn starting from Myklebust
  • Sandfjellet 1216 masl or Hoghornet 1464 masl from Gudbrandsjuvet

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