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Sign up for one of our sea kayaking courses. We offer both introductory courses lasting 4 hours, and a complete beginners course lasting 2 days.

Both of these courses qualify for a «Wet Card» issued by the Norwegian Canoe Association as evidence that you can handle a sea kayak. Our instructors has a degree in “Outdoor life”, multiple years of experience, and educated instructor through Norwegian Paddle Association.


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Introduction NOK 990,-
Beginners course NOK 2799,-


Minimum 3 participants


Introduction course – 4 hours
Beginners course – 2 days

Introduction Course – 4 Hours


Price 990,- per person 

Are you interested in a basic introduction to safe sea kayking, and the experience of paddling a magnificent Norwegian fjord? This is the perfect cours. The introductory course lasts for 4 hours and qualifies participants for a “Wet Card”, issued by the Norwegian Paddle Association, as proof of the participant’s basic competency in a sea kayak. Our courses will be held at a beautiful location at the Norddalsfjord and Tafjord, creating motivation and great experiences.

Course Contents

  • Paddle equipment
  • Lifting, carrying and launching the kayak
  • Correct sitting position and paddling technique
  • Forward paddling
  • Stopping
  • Turning the kayak
  • Backwards paddling
  • Wet exits and rescuing
  • Landing the kayak
  • Basic paddling safety
  • Local paddling conditions

Beginners Course – 16 Hours


Price 2799,- per person 

The Beginners Course is perfect for those who are interested in a more detailed introduction to sea kayaking, and would like to see more of Tafjord. We spend two full days learning the basics of kayaking and exploring the fjords and the picturesque mountain farms along the fjord-side. In addition to experiencing the beautiful natural beauty of the fjord, participants learn paddling technique and sea kayaking safety. With this course you will get an solid introduction to paddling and a lot of useful experiences. You will master sea kayaking in sheltered areas, and ready for both day- and multi-day trips. Upon completion of the course participants receive a certification from the Norwegian Paddle Association.

The Beginners Course is suitable for all guests, no matter previous kayaking experience.

Cource Contents

  • Basic eqipment
  • Lifting, carrying and launching the kayak
  • Correct sitting position and paddling technique
  • Efficient forward paddling
  • Reverse paddling and stopping
  • Lateral movement of the kayak
  • Low bracing
  • Turning the kayak
  • Wet exits
  • Landing the kayak
  • Securing the kayak on land
  • Rescue techniques
  • Injury prevention
  • Trip planning
  • General safety
  • Outdoor recreation and public rights
  • Leave no trace principal

Things to bring

Upon registration, participants receive a list of all the clothing and equipment necessary for the course.


Participants are provided with a kayak, paddle, spray skirt, life jacket and wet suit.