An active and exciting summer in Valldal

Are you ready for an active summer with your friends or family? In Valldal we offer climbing, rafting, canyoning, kayaking, cycling, mountain tours and more. Welcome to Adventure Valley!

Lying on a sunbed with a book can be great, but not everyone is happy to spend the whole summer lying still. Are you one of them? If so, we can strongly recommend a summer visit to Valldal, the Adventure Valley which is the perfect place for an active summer. We have gathered some great tips for your list of adventures.

Rafting down the river Valldøla

This is a fresh and exciting nature experience in beautiful surroundings. White water rafting in Valldal suits most people, whether you are a beginner or have tried rafting before.

The Valldøla river is perfect for rafting with fun rapids spread over a stretch of 11 kilometres. Feel the excitement, have a blast swimming, and be served a small local delicacy during a stop on the riverbank. The grading of the section we raft is 2 to 3. This means that there are tough and exciting rapids, but also quiet parts where you get to enjoy the spectacular surroundings we raft through. Depending on which tour you choose, you get action and excitement tailored to your level.

Canyoning in Gudbrandsjuvet

In late summer, when the water flow in the river drops, we can start activities in the Gudbrandsjuvet. Canyoning is about moving through a river canyon and can be done in different ways. We have set a unique trail that offers balancing on a rope, jumping into the gorge, climbing , zip -line and swimming!

Juving takes place close to Gubrandsjuvet , about 15 kilometers from the center of Valldal in the direction of Trollstigen. We stay in a part of the river where the water flows calmly through spectacular formations in the mountains. Here we have created a trail with fun obstacles. We start at the top of the gorge and move down. Book your canyoning trip with Uteguiden here.

Climbing and fun in Valldal Aktivitetspark

This fun family park is the perfect place to stop for the family on a trip. The park has good tumbling space for climbing and activity. We can tempt you with more than 1,500 meters of climbing trails, long zip lines, bag jump, and bouncy castles. Take a trip to Valldal Aktivitetspark for an active and fun experience. Read more here and book your tickets.


The mountains in Valldal are many and majestical. Almost wherever you go, you get a unique fjord view. There are many nice and easy hikes that are well marked, or more demanding hikes for those who like heights and challenges in the mountains. Get in touch for some tips!

Kayak trip on a world heritage fjord

With Valldal as your starting point, you can experience peace and quiet on the Norddalsfjorden and in the UNESCO World Heritage fjord Tafjorden. Both are shielded from cruise traffic. Enjoy the unique nature with waterfalls thundering into the fjord, idyllic mountain gardens and not least a fjord that is our little secret. Book the Fjord paddle tour here.


Electric bikes are a fantastic way to experience nature. This way, you can cover long distances in an environmentally friendly way without tiring yourself out on the uphill slopes! We offer several regular day trips with Valldal as the starting point. Join us for cycling on backroads with fantastic fjord views to the UNESCO world heritage fjord Tafjorden and gain insight into local history and nature. Check out the Bike & Hike tour with Uteguiden Valldal.