About Valldal The Adventure Valley

In Valldal, we are fully committed to what we can achieve as a team, to the delight of our guests and everyone who lives here. In this way, we create a positive energy in the village and the entire surrounding area.

Diversity, cooperation, and mastery

We have a lot to offer in our area, and it is our strength that we offer different characteristics and perspectives. It is important to help each other to succeed. At the same time, we will create positive energy on the way to our common goals:

  • We must all be good hosts and help create good, sustainable experiences in our adventurous fjord landscape.
  • Valldal must be a place to return to, a place for the memory book.


Spring is full of beautiful, blossoming fruit trees, snow-capped mountain peaks and straggling rivers. Summer tastes of the sweetest strawberries, the freshest raspberries, and the mountains offer magnificent views for those who want to walk both short and long hikes. Autumn brings with it fruit and vegetables from the world’s northernmost commercial orchards at Linge, and nature offers a colourful display in a wonderful climate. The winter darkness is lit up by thousands of Christmas lights in our beautiful Christmas Street, reminding us that the sun is soon on its way back. We are ready to give you great experiences all year round.

The network

We are a network of local businesses that offer exciting experiences, activities, accommodation, and local food in lovely surroundings. We are proud to give our guests memorable experiences of high quality.

Familie som klatrer i klatreløypene i Valldal Aktivitetspark

Valldal Aktivitetspark

A family park full of activities


River, fjord and mountains. All year round

Blåtind Boutique Hotel

Relaxing and comfortable

Meretes Garden

Yoga, sauna, Japanese garden, and glamping

Valldal Fjordhotell

Cosy rooms and local food by the fjord

Kulå Bowling

Bowling Hall with indoor and outdoor dining